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AM 006 ER02


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  • Weight: 7.5g


The Unique Collection is an exceptional collection, where each product is unrepeatable and unusual. There is no other that looks like this one. Buying this original jewellery you are certain that nobody else would have the same item.

These items are ones which are unique in nature. With a jewelry piece which is custom made, nobody else will have an item quite like yours. This unique feature is one of the main reasons why people opt for this unique style of manufacture. Another benefit to selecting a custom made amber jewelry piece over one which is mass produced is that these items are usually so exquisitely crafted that one can simply tell it is custom made just by looking at it, even from a distance. The painstaking details and care which one who makes custom pieces goes through enables the finished product to be nothing less than spectacular. Also, this unique style is the perfect item to hand down from generation to generation. Due to its unique characteristics and often special sentiment behind the amber jewelry piece, having a custom made jewelry item to hand down through the generations is another benefit which can be seen with purchasing a custom made amber jewelry piece.

Material: Sterling Silver 925;
Stone: Natural Baltic Amber (colour: Cognac);
Weight: 7.50g;
Height: 58 mm;
Width: 19 mm;

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